Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wow, I have been crisscrossing my way around the city for about 3 hours now and am BEAT. Who knew there would be an hour wait to get my outlines printed at Kinko's and then I'd get bad directions to Whole Foods, get lost, have to go to a different Whole Foods that was farther away only to find that they are ALL OUT of fage and then have to go BACK to Kinko's to pick up my outlines and then to Publix to get my fage. Ughhhh I am soooo exhausted now. Plus, I haven't done any studying for approx. 4 hours now which is a tad stressful. I ended up scarfing down a salad at Whole Foods, which was delish, but I was so rushed I couldn't even enjoy it. I had:

A romaine/red leaf mix
HB eggs
Grated cheese
About 1 tbsp. each of bleu cheese dressing and herb ranch (soooo good!)

I'm off to study some before bed! Hope your evening was less stressful than mine!!

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