Sunday, November 30, 2008


So we ended up making sirloin burgers instead of turkey burgers! They were AMAZING! We used Hereford 95% lean chopped sirloin from Fresh Market and it is the most tender meat ever! So yummy! I also had a green salad with EVOO/red wine vinegar, italian seasonings, and some crumbled cheddar cheese. DELISH!

Off to shower and study!

Have a great night!

Steer clear of worriers!

Ugh! I hate it when I let people stress me out with their worries! I have enough of my own! I need to try not to let other students and their crazy fretting about exams get me even more stressed than I already am.

On a better note though, I just had the rest of the amaaaazing lemon-dill salmon that I got from Fresh Market last night. I swear, I could eat salmon everyday! It's got to be one of my favorite foods!

Gotta get back to studying - see you later!

Fage makes everything better

I love fage! My mini-breakfast #2 of fage, ground flaxseed, and Equal is sometimes the meal I most look forward to. I just love how thick the flaxseed makes the already thick yogurt. It is delicious!! 

On another note, I really need to get more sleep. Lately, I've been waking up early every morning to go to the library but I haven't been getting to bed any earlier and it's really starting to catch up with me. Getting up in the morning hadn't been that hard for me earlier in the semester but it's starting to get really tough to wake up now. I don't want to be so burned-out from studying for exams that I'm a wreck by the time they actually get here! (which is in 10 days...ahhh!! lol)

Back to contracts...



I really hope it's not going to be one of those days.  So, I get to the library and find that all the doors to the law school are locked and have to spend 20 mins. walking around in the rain to find an open door. By the time I get inside, my hair is all frizzed-out and I'm a little sweaty. Then, the zipper on my fleece starts separating at the end and I spend another 5 mins. trying to fix THAT. I really hope these things don't come in threes because that doesn't bode well for me. Time to go study torts now! I hope that goes well!



Plan for today: Studying in the library and then making yummy turkey burgers for dinner!

I saw that Elise, over on "Elise Eats," made a list of her food staples so I thought I'd do the same.  

Erin's Staples:
Fage 0%
Thinly-sliced chicken cutlets
Green beans
Natural PB
Dill pickles

Foods I hate:
Breaded meat (it just freaks me out lol)

I'm drinking a cup of Fresh Market's "Carmel Macchiato" coffee right now and it's really good! It's one of their new "holiday flavors" and I got a sample of it yesterday. I'll be having my usual mini-breakfast #1 of sausages soon too! 


Update: Just had my two yummy little sausages! These are so good! I cook them way longer than you're supposed to and they get crunchy like bacon lol.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have the best sister EVER!

So I was in the library studying, as per usual, and I get an email that my sister (aka twin) sent me an ecard! It was the sweetest thing ever - just an "I miss you" type card! Awww!!!

Anyway, Fresh Market was great! I got some fage, crunch time PB, lemon-dill salmon (!!), assorted diet sodas, iceberg lettuce, blueberries, ground sirloin, and some smoked salmon. YUM!

I had the lemon-dill salmon for dinner tonight, along with a salad with EVOO/vinegar, italian seasoning, and crumbled cheddar cheese - delish! And the Boyfriend had spinach lasagna, which he loved.

20 days until I go home for Christmas! I can't wait!!!

Foodie Bucks!

I had leftover steak from last night's dinner for lunch today! It was good but I over-did the microwave warm-up and cooked it a tad more than I prefer. Oh, well! 

After I leave the library today, the Boyfriend and I are going to Fresh Market to spend our $5 in foodie bucks! yay! And we're going to pick up dinner while we're there! double yay! I looooove their lemon-dill salmon, so hopefully they have some of that in the cold case today. I love Fresh Market but it's a little far from our apartment so we rarely go and using our foodie bucks is a nice excuse to do so!

I've gotta get back to studying - I'm wrapping up my torts studying for today by going over products liability...jealous??


Library = Cold

I'm in the library today (obvi) and am studying torts. I can't seem to stop going over my outline with other books/outlines to make sure I haven't left anything out of it. I need to just stop this madness and click PRINT! As for food, so far today I've had...

2 cups of coffee (duh, law student)
2 little sausages
and I'll be having a fage with some flaxseed pretty soon

(I like to divide my breakfast into two mini-breakfasts)

I'm going to try to start taking pictures of my food tomorrow...get excited! (I am!!) 

See you soon!

Update: Just ate my fage with 1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed and an Equal! YUM!

About Me

Hey everyone! I've been a major foodie-blog-stalker for a few months now...I'm only a tad obsessed. So, I've decided to start my own! A little about me...

I'm 22 yrs. old and have been a pretty big foodie for a couple years. My favorite foods are fage yogurt (which I eat daily), the filet from my favorite restaurant back home, and my mom's homemade ranch dressing (seriously, it's ridiculous). I stick to a low-carb diet, as I have been for about a year now. A college weight-gain prompted the diet but now I just realize how much better I feel when I avoid starches and sugars. As for the non-food part of my life...

I'm a 1L (first year law student) right now at a top-25 school and, as exam time approaches, becoming a more stressed 1L. However, I really do love law school and think everything I'm learning is so interesting, making it a little easier to spend 10 hrs./day in the library studying.

I'm originally from FL but going to law school in another state and miss my family terribly - especially my sister, who is my best friend. I get to see them over Christmas break though, and I'm thrilled! Hmm...I'm not sure what else to say about myself but I'm sure if something interesting happens, I'll blog about it!


PS - I am trying to figure out my digital camera so I can post the requisite "eats of the day" pictures that I love so much on other blogs. Until then, I will simply relay my meals in sadly less-exciting word form.