Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have the best sister EVER!

So I was in the library studying, as per usual, and I get an email that my sister (aka twin) sent me an ecard! It was the sweetest thing ever - just an "I miss you" type card! Awww!!!

Anyway, Fresh Market was great! I got some fage, crunch time PB, lemon-dill salmon (!!), assorted diet sodas, iceberg lettuce, blueberries, ground sirloin, and some smoked salmon. YUM!

I had the lemon-dill salmon for dinner tonight, along with a salad with EVOO/vinegar, italian seasoning, and crumbled cheddar cheese - delish! And the Boyfriend had spinach lasagna, which he loved.

20 days until I go home for Christmas! I can't wait!!!

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