Saturday, November 29, 2008

Foodie Bucks!

I had leftover steak from last night's dinner for lunch today! It was good but I over-did the microwave warm-up and cooked it a tad more than I prefer. Oh, well! 

After I leave the library today, the Boyfriend and I are going to Fresh Market to spend our $5 in foodie bucks! yay! And we're going to pick up dinner while we're there! double yay! I looooove their lemon-dill salmon, so hopefully they have some of that in the cold case today. I love Fresh Market but it's a little far from our apartment so we rarely go and using our foodie bucks is a nice excuse to do so!

I've gotta get back to studying - I'm wrapping up my torts studying for today by going over products liability...jealous??


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